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0ne Life..
0ne Life ?! ..My Life!


0nce upon a time.. There was a little girl.. Let's call her *mjallhvit.
She wasn't something special..
Not really beautyful or something helpful for anybody..
She was only a little girl..
Anytime she was happy.. A big smile was always on her face..
0f course when other people are around her..
She try to be nice to everybody..
& she hopes everybody like her..
But at first..
At first she hopes that anybody looks behind her smile..
Cuz' sometimes..
Sometimes she wasn't happy..
Her biggest dream was to be loved..
..To be loved by him!
& this feeling demaged her..
She often felt like crying when she saw him..
& to save herself she don't tell anything..

But the most important thing were her friends..
Her sister.. her pornoschaf.. her wife.. her sun.. her schnuggi..
Without this people she can't live..
&she won't!